The great thing about living in a house and not an apartment, besides the obvious space and liberty it gives, is that you have so many options and possibilities when it comes to renovations or redecorations. Now, some projects may be as small as painting the living room and the kitchen a new colour, but if you want to utterly change the look of your home or undertake an impactful remodelling project, then here are a couple of ideas that will definitely produce the desired effect. First of all, whether you go for these stone remodelling concepts or you choose something different, it is important to work with highly professional builders, so be sure to look for experienced Ottawa home renovations companies before starting the project. In addition, some of these renovation ideas might require extra repairs before implementation, as for instance building a stone fireplace requires chimney masonry repair services if you haven?t used it in a while.


Indeed, one of the first impactful stone renovation ideas refers to the building of a stone fireplace. Whether you choose to have that in the living room, onto a covered porch or even outside, a fireplace is always a great addition to any interior or exterior, provided of course you have the best builders working on it and making sure that they undertake any chimney masonry repair needed, a good idea to that extent being Integrity Masonry. Apart from the obvious advantage of generating heat during cold winter days and evenings, the fireplace makes a great spot to relax, enjoy some quiet time or some great family time, as it instantly becomes the perfect place for people to gather around. The fireplace can be designed and built as to suit any decor, especially with the new veneer possibilities today, but a stone fireplace looks amazing and it gives you a lot to work with. For instance, if you have a covered porch area behind the house or anything like it, you can built the fireplace there and also an entire outdoor stone kitchen with hobs and everything you need, thus freeing a lot of space within the house.


Another great renovation idea is having stone features throughout the house. If you do have that fireplace built, then you need to add some bits and bobs throughout the house to make the interior seamless. If your house has stairs, then you might consider doing stone facades for the stairwell or, for instance, if you have columns in the kitchen, then you might consider covering them in real stone. Depending on the colour or type of stone you choose, these will go with a wide variety of decor and style, so you don?t have to worry about limited options. The important thing is to be working with a top Ottawa home renovations company, as they will also be able to help you with ideas and recommendations. Last, but not least, stone can be sued not only indoors, but also for the outside of your home. You can certainly give your house an updated facelift with stone instead of brick and siding or you can add style to your entrance and gate by building stone piers.